Looking for a Business Idea in Costa Rica? We’ve done the brainstorming for you!

Many of my clients always ask me what type of business is needed in the area. Since all the agents have been asked this question at one time or another, our team has decided to put together a wish list of possibilities in the area.

With any business, especially in a foreign country, you will need to know the legal side of starting your own company. This is where I would recommend a lawyer for you to discuss your options and to be sure you understand how things are done here and how to do them correctly.  One important thing to understand is that unless you have your residency, an ex-pat can legally own a business but cannot work. You can watch over your employees but cannot lift a finger. Once you have your full residency, you can then work your business.

Here is a list of business we came up with:

Home Inspection Company
Many homeowners like to have a home inspection during the due diligence period. We only have two options, so there is room for more.

Woman’s Clothing Stores
A decent clothes store that has all sizes and good quality materials. Also shoes!

Salad Bar
I’m from NY and one thing I miss is a great salad bar with all the extras, tossed up in front of me. Costa Rica has a lot of fresh produce and there are farmer markets in the area on specific days of the week.

Pet Sitting Service / Home Sitting
This could be a combo package or either option. It is always wise to have someone stay in your home or condo when you are traveling, especially for long period of time. Having a pet sitter stay at your home is a great for your pets. Less stress for them and piece of mind for you..

Food Truck
I’ve only seen a couple of these trucks over the years. There is room for growth in this area.

Official Translator that is fluent in both English and Spanish
It’s excellent having young children because they can pick up Spanish like a sponge and become your Translator, but it is necessary to hire one for official business.

Appliance Repair
There are repairmen, but there need to be more options.

Boat Mechanic
Yamaha or Suzuki both have offices in town for outboard motors but the boat owner with an inboard engine, there is a need for a mechanic in the area.

Senior Care Giver (in Home)
Costa Rican Seniors are a gift to the families and are taken care of for their life. Ex-pats, on the other hand, will need some help with this.

Online Business
I worked remotely for six years for my job in NYC before I was let go, so it is doable. They have installed fiber optics lines to the beach towns in the area so that the internet will get a kick up in speed.

Plumbers & Electricians
A plumber would be a great addition. For the plumber, I’d recommend someone familiar with PVC piping since that is what the majority of homes have.

Home Security Systems
Besides having a dog, another option for a Home Security System would be great.

Golf Cart Rentals and Repairs
There are many Golf Carts in the area and only two places that I know of who repair them.

Activity Equipment Rentals
shopping by the beach where you can rent it all!

Home Decor Store
We are getting new stores with some better options, but a store that had it all would be glorious. There are many in San Jose, but the drive is 4 hours.

Window Washing
This area tends to get dusty, and windows get dirty!

Real Delicatessen with Smoked Meats
A delicatessen with coleslaw, potato salad, German potato salad, and great cheeses and meats would be a welcomed added addition and pounds on the waistline.

Sporting Goods Store
We only have a couple in the area, but only one sells all the primary sports goods gear, and that is in Liberia, 40 minutes from Coco beach.

Home Cooking – Pick up or deliver frozen fresh foods with a planned menu weekly.
We had the most wonderful woman who used to cook the best homemade meals and sell them at a very reasonable price. It was a great way to order in advance if you knew you were having friends and family coming into town and wanted something for them when they got to your place. I miss her cooking, and it would be great to have it back again.

These are just some of the businesses that would be welcomed in Playas del Coco or the surrounding beach town.


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